Our practice hosts the following services and clinics:

Diabetes Clinic

  • NameDiabetes Clinic
  • Held byDr Vino Ganespathy and Practice nurse Diane Veal
  • Additional InformationThis clinic is for everyone with diabetes, whether on tablets,insulin or dietary management. it aims to give people living with diabetes the information needed to manage their diabetes. Routine blood testing,checks on general health,foot care and circulation are made. Referral can be made for dietary aservices and annual eye screening.  
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Asthma Clinic

  • NameAsthma and COPD Clinic
  • Held byPractice Nurse Diane Veal
  • Additional InformationOur nurse is specially qualified to help you understand your asthma or COPD, to give you advice on use of your inhalers and how to vary the doses in different circumstances.  Annual checks are done if you are on treatment for this condition.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Well Man Clinic

  • NameWell Man and Well Woman Clinic
  • Held byPractice Nurse Diane or HCA Carol
  • Additional InformationMeasure height, weight, BP, check your urine.  Discuss your general health, family history, alcohol intake, smoking and exercise habits.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Contraceptives - Own

  • NameContraceptive Advice Clinic
  • Held byDoctors and Practice Nurse Diane Veal
  • Additional InformationAt this clinic you can ask advice about contraception and the 'morning after pill'.  Routine checks and precription for oral contraceptive pill and injections are given.  All Doctors and the Practice Nurse are able to offer family planning advice.  We can also screen for sexually transmitted infections.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Child Health Surveillance (CHS)

  • NameChild Health Surveillance (CHS)
  • Held byDr Goode and Practice Nurse Diane Veal
  • Additional InformationWe provide this service in co-operation with our health visitors.  Children under 5 years have regular checks by the health visitor in order to assess development, hearing and speech.  Babies are checked by the Doctor at 6-8 weeks.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Minor Surgery

  • NameMinor Surgery
  • Held byDr Goode & Dr Vino (joint injections)
  • Additional InformationMinor surgery is carried out by Doctor after initial consultation, by appointment only.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Antenatal Clinic

  • NameAntenatal Clinic
  • Held byDoctor
  • Additional InformationOn notifying the reception staff that you are pregnant your details will be passed to the midwife who will arrange a booking appointment and subsequent antenatal appointment usually on a Thursday.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Child Immunisations

  • NameChildhood Immunisations
  • Held byPractice Nurse Diane Veal
  • Additional InformationYou will be contacted by the surgery at the appropriate time and informed of the immunisations required.  We have regular immunisation sessions run by our specially trained Practice Nurse.  Please remember to bring your child's Personal Health Record Book.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Cervical Smear

  • NameCervical Smear
  • Held byPractice Nurse Diane Veal
  • Additional InformationAll female patients aged 25-64 years should be tested every 3-5 years.  Cervical smear appointments are normally made with the Practice Nurse, or if preferred with any Doctor during normal surgery.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Smoking Cessation Clinic

  • NameSmoking Cessation Clinic
  • Held byPractice Nurse Diane and HCA's Chris and Stef
  • Additional InformationAdvice on how to give up smoking is available.  Our Practice Nurse and HCA are fully trained in supporting patients who are stopping smoking and patients can choose what type of medical support suits them best, be it nicotine replacement therapies, Champix or Zyban.  Please make an appointment and the information on how to access this clinic can be given to you.  NHS Smokefree helpline number is 0800 015 8512.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Chronic disease clinic

  • NameChronic disease clinic
  • Held byDoctor or Practice Nurse Diane Veal
  • Additional InformationIf you have a chronic condition such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, IHD or stroke then we will ask you to attend one of our regular clinics for a check up; you will receive a reminder from the surgery via letter or telephone call asking you to make an appointment.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Travel Health

  • NameTravel Clinic
  • Held byDiane Veal - Practice Nurse
  • Additional InformationIf you are planning a trip abroad, please book an appointment with the Practice Nurse at least six weeks before travel.

    If you require further information look at and this gives information about vaccinations needed for each country as well as general travel advice.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

Sexual Health

  • NameSexual Health Clinic
  • Held byDiane Veal - Practice Nurse
  • Additional InformationIf you have any concerns regarding your sexual health, please book an appointment with the Practice Nurse or any Doctor for a confidential consultation.

    A self taken Chlamydia screening test is advised for everyone aged 16-24 who is sexually active.
  • Requires GP Referral?No

To attend one of these clinics please ring our reception on 0121 743 2154.