Minutes of meeting


THURSDAY 27th June 2019


From the Practice:                                                     

·      Carol McAndrew

·      Dr Vino Ganespathy                                      

Patients:                                                                 Apologies:

  • Kenneth Leedham                                          Barbara Bown
  • Jacqueline Evans                                          
  • Helen Vickrage                                                                                   

Minutes from last meeting were approved and signed off.

Changes including primary care networks:

Carol and Dr Vino explained the various changes that are taking place within Solihull GP Surgeries.  Coventry Road Practice are working together with 10 other Practices (North Solihull Collaborative NSC) looking after over 80,000 patients.  The Practices are working together to provide services on a greater scale.  Currently NSC offer extended access for all 11 Practices at one Hub in Chelmsley Wood.  The hours offered are between 6.30pm – 8pm and 9am – 12midday Saturday and Sunday.  The appointments available are for GP’s, Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. It was felt by the PPG that they would rather wait to see the GP’s here and they would find Chelmsley Wood difficult to get to as they do not drive.

There are currently 3 primary care groupings in Solihull, NSC, GP Alliance and GPS, who will work together to offer services in the community at local hubs.  Between these grouping there will be primary care networks and NSC will have 2 networks. 

Hopefully the next service will be dermatology which will be local for patients and reduce the waiting time to be seen. 

We discussed the new BSOL app and the benefits of online access.  Ken already uses EMIS mobile.  Carol explained the new app will have a lot more features and information so should be a lot more useful for patients.  This should be implemented by September this year. 

Contact the Elderly:

We have decided to put this on hold until September as we need to recruit drivers and guests.  Carol to liaise with Age UK to see if they have any volunteer drivers they could spare and also if they have some ideas as to how we can entertain our guests.  Helen and Jackie agreed to look online to see if they can come up with some ideas.

The tea parties have been a great success and everyone really wants to carry on hosting this service.

Any other business:

Dr Vino, Dr Goode and Diane (Practice Nurse) to think about recruiting drivers and new PPG members as we are a bit thin on the ground currently. 


Next meeting to be arranged


Chair:  Kenneth Leedham                                                                 Secretary:  Jacqueline Evans