PPG Survey - December 2018



We conducted a survey during a morning surgery to discuss patients’ opinions on two items.


Firstly - the newly implemented extended access service.

Mainly due to the distance & the fact that it is not an emergency service patients felt that they would not use it and would rather wait for an appointment at their own surgery. Traveling to Chelmsley Wood for many would mean public transport or taxi and why should it cost a fare when there is a surgery close by? This was the opinion of the majority. Those with transport and those who have reasonable mobility said they would possibly use it. A younger patient said that the out of hours appointments would suit her husband as he would not then have to take time out from work, however, she would not want to travel with her baby to see a doctor when she can just walk down the road.


Secondly - Satisfaction of service from the surgery.

Opinions here were unanimous - all were satisfied that they were happy with the surgery.

Obviously everyone would like not to have to wait to see a doctor of their choice but were aware that this is a general problem and not one that is peculiar to this surgery. High praise was given to the staff in all areas who, it was said, always were polite, friendly & always pleasant.

The surgery has a high proportion of elderly folk which may reflect the opinions in the

first item.

In the second item it shows a great rapport between staff and patients.