PPG representative checklist

Representative Patient Participation Group Checklist for Coventry Road Practice

Demonstrating how a Patient Reference Group is Representative

Practice Population Profile

PPG Profile



% Under 19       17.2%

% Under 19         0%


% 20-29            11.2%

% 20-29              0%


% 30-39            11.3%

% 30-39              0%


% 40-49            13.9%

% 40-49              0%


% 50-59            14.8%

% 50-59             10%


% 60-69            11.1%

% 60-69             50%


% 70-79            12.0%

% 70-79             10%


% 80 and Over   8.4%

% 85 and Over    10%






% British Group     57.8%

% British Group    100%


% Irish                 1.51%

% Irish           





% White & Black    Caribbean             0.22%

% White & BlackCaribbean          



% White & Black African 0.3%          

% White & Black African



% White & Asian    0.36%

% White & Asian 


Asian or Asian British

Asian or Asian British


% Indian              0.48%

% Indian               


% Pakistani          0.2%

% Pakistani 


% Bangladeshi      0%

% Bangladeshi 


Black or Black British

Black or Black British


% Caribbean        0.08%



% African            0.3%

% African 


Chinese or other ethnic group

Chinese or other ethnic group


% Chinese           0.31%

% Chinese  


& any other         38.7%

& any other 



% Male             49.4%  

% Male          40%


% Female          50.6%

% Female       60%


Differences between the practice population and members of the PRG

The practice should describe any variations between the group and the efforts that have been made to reach any groups not represented.

During 2013-2014 information of our PPG is updated and displayed on our notice boards and our waiting room scrolling screen messages.  Information and invite letters are kept at reception and are given to patients who would be interested in joining the PPG.  The first meeting took place on 8 November 2011 and has continued approximately every three months since.

We have tried to vary handing out information to patients by identifying age, sex and ethnicity, but we do have an older population at this surgery and this is reflected in our members.

Survey and Action Plan Checklist


Three of our PPG members attended the surgery in August 2013 with a questionnaire designed by themselves and the Practice Manager asking patients what they felt could be improved, the appointments system, receptionists and were they kept up to date with information.

How were the questions drawn up?  From PPG members, Dr Vino and the Practice Manager who agreed there was a wide range of questions and were happy with the survey.

How was the survey conducted?  Patients were approached directly from PPG members and asked the questions and their answers were confidential with no patient data attached to the results.

What were the results? The results were entered onto a spreadsheet. See below for more information.

Action Plan

How was the PPG consulted on the proposed Action Plan? We discussed the results and action plans at our PPG meeting on September 2013 and an action plan was produced and all this information was entered on our website.

Were there any aspects that were not agreed? No

Were there any contractual considerations to the agreed actions? Open clinics were set up to help with receptionists being able to offer appointments in the same week. We discussed having a lift fitted to help with upstairs access and the reception area being redesigned to help with privacy.

What was the agreed Action Plan? Still ongoing.

Final Report

What was the website address where the report was published? www.coventryroadpractice.co.uk

How else was the report advertised and circulated? The results of recent survey visit our website and our newsletter.

Opening Times

Surgery opening times are: Monday-Wednesday 8.30am – 6.30pm, Thursday 8.30am – 3pm and Friday 8.30am – 6.30pm.

For out of hours we use BADGER.

PPG Frequency:

1st meeting 8th November 2011 – welcome, described what PPG involved and appointed chair.

Meetings are held approximately every three months and are ongoing.

PPG Membership:

Practice:   Dr Vino Ganespathy (GP) Carol McAndrew (Practice Manager) Mandy Weale (Senior Receptionist).

Patients:  Stephen Neal (Chair), Barbara Bown, Jacqueline Evans, Robert Hargreaves, Barbara Hargreaves,  Kenneth Leedham, Sheila Whitehead, Tom Goode, Sandra Archer and Helen Vickrage.


Survey questions were viewed and agreed by the PPG members and the Practice members of the PPG and were felt they were suitable.  PPG approached patients directly in the waiting rooms.  







Reception staff


Being more approachable



Receptionists have a difficult role and cannot always offer appts as the patients would like.

Carol McAndrew

We have set up ‘open clinics’ so receptionists can always offer an appointment in the same week.

Surgery layout




Partners are in the process of redesigning the reception area to accommodate patients who need to speak in private and this should give more room in the reception area.

The Partners



Availability of Doctor


Continuity of same Doctor


Open clinics set up.


Open clinics as not useful for continuity. Receptionists are aware patients like follow up with the same GP.


Always try to accommodate patients who have been seen previously by a certain GP.

Waiting time



Reduce waiting times

Set up ‘open clinics’ from June to try to reduce waiting times. 

Carol McAndrew & GPs

Recent survey undertaken proving the open clinics to be successful.

Surgery times


A few patients wanted evening and weekends


We didn’t feel this service was appropriate for our patients.


Looking at our out of hours, few patients attend evenings and weekends.


  • Overall patients seem to be satisfied with the service received.
  • Reception staff – open clinics have helped receptionists with availability.
  • Surgery layout – we have had plans drawn up to install a lift to help with upstairs access. We also have plans to redesign the reception area for privacy issues.
  • Surgery times – we didn’t feel this service was appropriate for our patients as most wanted to be seen within surgery times and this was evident from the results.
  • Survey raises awareness on patient’s view of our service and gives us ‘food for thought’ in assisting us constructively.