Patient survey 2011-2012

Coventry Road Patient Participation Group

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) was set up in October 2011. We have between 10 and 14 patients who attend our meetings.  They come mainly from our more mature population and are mainly of a white British ethnicity. Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to attract any younger patients particularly those under the age of 30 to join us.

We try to ensure that the group is representative of the practice population and encourage people of all ages and ethnicities to join the group.

We welcome feedback from all patients irrespective of whether they join the PPG or Virtual PPG.
Working with the PPG recently, the group decided to undertake a couple of projects, firstly developing an A-Z of services locally provided, setting up a folder to store this information and leave in reception for all patients to access.  Also, we have recently developed and undertaken some patient surveys, the results of which can be found below.

Results of all surveys were discussed with the PPG and an action plan was prepared.

Brief outline of results of survey

  • 144 completed survey
  • Female 58% & Male 42%
  • White British 90%
  • 80% were able to get an appointment on the same day but not always seeing a particular doctor.
  • 80% able to get a routine appointment within 2 days with any doctor but much longer with a specific doctor.
  • Waiting times:
    - 50% waited 10-20 minutes
    - 20% waited 20-30 minutes
    - 13% waited >30 minutes
  • 62% were happy with present opening hours.
  • Nurses Survey - favourable but waiting times fair for appointments.
  • 74% were satisfied with reception staff - favourable to national benchmark


  • Overall, patients seem to be satisfied with the service received.
  • Appointments availability improved but score low to seeing specific doctor.
  • Difficult to improve this score as all doctors work part time. Same locum to cover holidays.
  • 13% waited more than 30minutes, this area needs improvement.
  • Opening hours of practice have not significantly changed since 2004.
  • Nursing waiting times needs addressing- one practice nurse.
  • Survey raises awareness on patient’s view of our service and gives us ‘food for thought’ in assisting us constructively.


  • Most of the comments were positive, however some patients commented on the time they had to wait to see the Doctor, but once they were seen most patients were satisfied with the care and attention they received. 
  • Patients were very pleased with follow up of care.

See what patients think of us

If you would like to view the results in more detail please click on the links below along with our action plan:

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