The Story So Far


The Patient Participation Group (PPG) has been up and running for over 2 years now and is still looking to recruit new members.

We try to ensure that the group is representative of the practice population and would encourage people of all ages and ethnicities to join the group.

The PPG members meet on average every 2 months and discuss local community services available and changes that have taken place in the NHS.

Dr Vino, the Practice Manager and Senior Receptionist have attended the meeting offering support and advice, along with Hannah Bryan, the Practice Facilitator from the Clinical Commissioning Group.

In July 2013 three members from our PPG attended the surgery on two occasions and conducted a survey on what patients wanted from their surgery, please see comments below:

Most patients were satisfied; however appointments were still an issue and the amount of time patients were having to wait to see a Doctor. The Doctors here have set up ‘open clinics’ one in the afternoon and one in the morning to run as a pilot scheme to try to free more appointments during the week for patients with chronic illnesses. Patients felt there was a lack of privacy at the reception area and didn’t like the fact receptionists asked ‘what is the appointment for’. Also, patients felt the reception area was not very welcoming. Ideally patients would like more room at reception and a glass front so they can see the receptionists. Please see our action plan below for comments and actions.

A few of our PPG members attended on a Saturday morning for the 'flu clinic' whereby they greeted patients and explained who they were and if anyone would like any information on the PPG or if they had any comments to feed back.

One of the PPG members produces a newsletter every 2-3 months to inform patients of new services and how to join the PPG and have their say about services in our Practice. 

The Practice demographics:

0-16 years = 536 17-24 years = 278 25-44 years = 847 45-64 years = 960

and 65+ years = 993. Total practice population = 3,614.

Diabetics = 266 = 7.4% COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) = 91 = 2.5%

Asthma = 203 = 5.6% and CHD (coronary heart disease) – 157 = 4.3%.

Patient Participation – Feedback from Survey – Action Plan 2013/2014

Three members of our PPG conducted a survey in the surgery – please see feedback below:







Reception staff


Being more approachable



Receptionists have a difficult role and cannot always offer appts as the patients would like.

Carol McAndrew

We have set up ‘open clinics’ so receptionists can always offer an appointment in the same week.

Surgery layout




Partners are in the process of redesigning the reception area to accommodate patients who need to speak in private and this should give more room in the reception area.

The Partners



Availability of Doctor


Continuity of same Doctor


Open clinics set up.


Open clinics as not useful for continuity. Receptionists are aware patients like follow up with the same GP.


Always try to accommodate patients who have been seen previously by a certain GP.

Waiting time



Reduce waiting times

Set up ‘open clinics’ from June to try to reduce waiting times. 

Carol McAndrew & GPs

Recent survey undertaken proving the open clinics to be successful.

Surgery times


A few patients wanted evening and weekends


We didn’t feel this service was appropriate for our patients.


Looking at our out of hours, few patients attend evenings and weekends.